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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was a windy morning at the Chautauqua. I kept my head down as we headed up Bluebell Road, but the pack seemed unperturbed by the chilly gusts. Mamacita was the lead sniffer at the outset of our hike, checking out the snowy field beside the trail. When we got partway up the mountain, we were better shielded from the wind. Sputnik took back up the mantle of lead sniffer as he checked out each tree and patch of tall grass that poked out from the sea of white. Ruffers and Roger Roger followed the lead of their packmates, and sniffed where they sniffed. As we walked, it became apparent that there was a trade-off between clear stretches of trail with strong winds, and calm stretches of trail with icy snow-pack. I guess the more windy the area, the more rapidly the moisture is swept away.

Variety Pack

There was a lot of chasing - both of packmates and of tennis balls - at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Riley, Rey, and Avo did a little bit of policing of each other, by getting the pursuer off the back of the pursued; of course, sometimes, they both chased after the same target, and piled on when they finally caught them. Griff was more interested in tennis balls than in chasing after his packmates. Riley sometimes took breaks from fetching, to give Griff some competition. Zoey joined in for some of the girls' chases, but she also spent a good, long while playing keep-away with a rubber squeaky ball that another park patron had brought. She eventually started dropping the ball and batting it around to really tease everyone. At that point, Griff - who had been hovering over her for a while - swooped in and snatched it out from under her nose, then promptly brought it over to me so I could return it to its owner.

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