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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Ruffers stayed pretty close by as they sniffed around in the snowy fields beside the trail this morning. Mamacita also trekked through the snowy field, where she could scoop up mouthfuls of snow as she went. Sputnik saw Mamacita chomping on mouthful after mouthful, and decided to try some for himself. Some stretches of the trail were so icy that even Mamacita slipped around a little bit. I brought us off to the side of the trail, where the snow wasn't packed down so hard, but Mamacita and Sputnik kept wanting to return to the beaten path.

Variety Pack

Rey and Poppy were very excited to be reunited, after having spent some time boarding together this past weekend. Avo stepped back and let Rey and Poppy wrestle when we stopped at the house before our walk. Zoey, on the other hand, kept darting in and out of the fray. When we got to our walk at the Bear Creek Path, Avo was the one full of energy, while her packmates had settled down quite a bit. There was one dog who passed by early on and got everyone excited but Zoey. After that, still pumped from seeing the dog, Avo barked at a passing bicyclist. As the walk continued, Avo settled down more and more. We walked through Martin Park at the end of our walk, and everyone spent a while sniffing at a big mound of snow that had been plowed up at the edge of the parking lot.

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