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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan continued his quest to roll around on every inch of snow covering the Boulder foothills. Mamacita joined in for good measure during Dylan's first go, while Sputnik and I just looked on. There were a lot more hikers out today - both human and canine - due to the warmer weather and the melting of the ice that had covered the trails.

Variety Pack

The weather was even nicer for our pack walk this afternoon. And after Poppy, Racer, and Riley settled down into pace along with Zoey, Ruffers, and me, it all made for a very pleasant outing. A lot of bicyclists passed by us, and the pack didn't mind them. They didn't even react to a skateboarder who went by. We saw a few dogs, and although some pack members perked up at the sight of them, they stayed on course and didn't freak out - aside from one time when Riley's less-friendly proclivities got the best of her and she let out a snarl while attempting to dart toward a passing pup. Along the walk, Poppy, Riley, and Racer were all drawn to the same spots to sniff. Ruffers and Zoey only joined their scent-seeking packmates a couple times, and usually just waited on the path until the others were satisfied to carry on with the walk.

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