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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack had some excitement this morning when they sighted a jet-black squirrel foraging on the forest floor alongside the Mesa Trail. Dylan and Ruffers were quick to act, and sent it up the nearest tree while Sputnik and Mamacita whined and jumped up and down on-leash beside me. All eyes continued to follow the squirrel through the treetops as it hopped from branch to branch, until the squirrel's course diverged far enough from the trail.

Variety Pack

The pack was joined by Poppy & Dylan's business partner, Maggie, this afternoon. Maggie was a bit shy when the whole gang spilled out of the packmobile to sniff their greetings. Once everyone was acquainted, she hopped right in with them. The walk along the Bear Creek Path was less exciting than hike this morning, with no wildlife encounters to mention. Poppy and Maggie tended to want to walk ahead a bit, while Zoey and Roger Roger brought up the rear. We made a few stops to sniff around, upon Zoey's insistence; however, each time we did stop, she was the last one to actually start sniffing.