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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was slow going on the trails this morning. The warmer weather and dissipating snow must be releasing a lot of interest scents, because Mamacita, Roger Roger, Dylan, and Sputnik all wanted to do a lot of sniffing. After the first stretch along Bluebell Road, most of the pack seemed satisfied to get moving, but Mamacita was on a mission. After following her nose along the edge of the trail for a while, she finally shouldered down onto the grass and went for a wiggle. When we reached the beginning of the Mesa Trail a short while later, Dylan and Roger Roger were the ones wiggling on their backs, but snow was their preferred medium for the art. As we ascended the Mesa Trail, Sputnik insisted on a lot of stops to mark various points of interest. The rest of the pack was content to take a casual pace so as to allow for all of the stops, and we maintained that relaxed disposition throughout the rest of the hike.

Variety Pack

Maggie joined the pack again this afternoon, along with Ruffers, Zoey, and Poppy. Ruffers and Maggie had some brief tension with each other, marked by a momentary snarl when Maggie first hopped into the car, but they settled down quickly and didn't show any more signs of agitation. They were very playful with each other at the house when they met Wednesday, so I think the snarl might have just been Ruffers warning Maggie that the packmobile is not for playing. We hiked the trail around Wonderland Lake. We came by several other dogs along the way, and although Poppy perked up at the sight of them each time, the pack stayed together and on course, for the most part - aside from the last dog we encountered, at whom Poppy tried to jump but then got caught up in Zoey's leash.

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