Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Sputnik explored Enchanted Mesa and a part of Koehler Mesa together today. At first, they just roamed and sniffed together. Then, we came across a shaded stretch of trail that still had snow, and this brought out their playful sides. They proceeded to drop into play bows and then Sputnik chased Ruffers all around.

Variety Pack

Riley, Rey, and Zoey walked the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. We passed some geese at the Kids' Fishing Pond, and one in particular lifted up its head and eyed Rey warily as we passed. I didn't blame the goose, since Rey kept bumping into me and tripping over my feet because she was so entranced watching the goose instead of paying attention to where she was walking. Riley stared with singular focus at each approaching dog along the path, until I interrupted her and walked her over to the side to sit and be polite. Zoey, Riley, and Rey all sniffed around some of the trees along the way. We stopped to relax for a minute at the park in front of the library, and Rey found a twig to chew on. Riley sniffed with interest, and Rey deftly turned her head aside each time Riley tried to snatch it from her, until Riley gave up. Rey lost interest in it almost immediately after that, and left it behind.