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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There was a friendly pack of dogs who passed us, jogging, on the way up the Mesa Trail this morning. Roger Roger, Dylan and Mamacita all sniffed hello with them, while Sputnik maintained his cool at my side. We crossed paths again a bit further up the trail, at which point Roger Roger and Dylan happily ran up. They all sniffed each other again and then ran around the trail together for a brief minute before we parted ways.

Variety Pack

The pack welcomed a new puppy this afternoon: Nala! Nala is from the same home as former pack regulars Benny and Oliver. She was a bit shy at first, but then really took a liking to her afternoon packmates Ruffers and Poppy. They all played a bit at the house before we set out for our walk around Wonderland Lake. Ruffers and Poppy were both very friendly with the little one. Poppy didn't even mind when Nala took Poppy's entire lower jaw into her mouth to gnaw and lick for a minute. Nala is only about 5 months old, and still has a lot of learning to do about walking together with a pack. She was distracted by every noise, smell, and blade of grass along the way. At least she made Ruffers and Poppy seem like perfect walking angels by comparison.