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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Mamacita sniffed around together while Ruffers and Roger Roger roamed and checked out their own points of interest along the Mesa Trail this morning. With the warming weather and presumably a lot of people's work routines being interrupted due to COVID-19 isolation measures, the Chautauqua was a bit busier than usual, though still far from as busy as it gets on the weekends. Sputnik was pretty chill about other dogs we saw, even when some of them were extremely excitable and were pulling at their leashes to try to charge up to us.

Variety Pack

Nala, Riley, Rey, and Blu walked around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. Rey was very calm and respectful when greeting our new puppy pack member. Riley kept her cool pretty well as she and Nala sniffed their initial greetings. Riley got a little uneasy for a brief moment and lightly grumbled at Nala. Nala responded by sitting down in place, and this reaction satisfied Riley. She didn't have any attitude towards Nala after that. Blu and Nala already met this past weekend, and were happy to see each other again. On the walk, this rag-tag little group of hooligans was a bit of a challenge to wrangle. Rey and Riley were more focused on passing dogs than usual, and were less responsive to my attempts to draw their attention away. They didn't have any unfriendly outbursts, but they really tried to drag me over to every dog they saw. Blu and Nala were both a bit aimless and distractable, and tripping hazards at their height. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful afternoon and everyone enjoyed their time out.

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