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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer and Sputnik hit the Chautauqua trails together this morning. There were again more people out hiking with their dogs than usual during our Adventure Pack time. Racer walked very nicely today, and hardly pulled at all. Sputnik initiated a lot of stops to sniff and mark spots along the way. Racer joined in the sniffing about half the time, whenever a spot seemed particularly interesting.

Variety Pack

Nala, Avo, and Blu enjoyed their time out along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Nala wanted to run off in every direction all at once, distracted by each and every goose, human, or dog in our general vicinity. Avo didn't pay particular attention to most of the humans we passed, unless they were on skateboards. Then, they earned a woof of disapproval from her. Blu's attention was pretty consistently directed forward, as he chugged along on the walk.

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