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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The Chautauqua Trails were pretty empty today, so Dylan and Roger Roger enjoyed running off-leash through the snow together for most of the hike. Roger Roger ran back every once in a while to play-bow in front of Sputnik and Mamacita, which got both of them worked up. The dogs had a lot of fun this morning!

Variety Pack

Nala, Blu, and Poppy all enjoyed each other's company this afternoon, both when we stopped at the house and then during our walk along the Boulder Creek Path. Nala was distracted by every flake of snow along the way, while Blu and Poppy mostly kept on pace and in their places at my sides. Nala and Poppy leapt around in the snow together during a stop at Eben G. Fine Park near the end of our walk, while Blu was busy sniffing around a tree trunk that must have been marked by countless passing dogs.

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