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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita and Ruffers were the first pack members to come out since our COVID19 hiatus. They both greeted me with lots of wags and wiggles; however, after the initial hello, Mamacita was all business. She led me to the car purposefully, without a glance back to me. She got up at our next stop to sniff hello with Ruffers, who whined and jumped around to show me her excitement. On the trail at CU South, we took a leisurely pace in the light rain, as the pair of them were very interested in taking in all the scents along the way. I stopped and squatted down to dog level to take a moment with them every so often. Ruffers always came right over to me to sniff and check in. Mamacita stopped in place and stared back at me. As soon as I stood and started up again, she would throw her head toward the trail before us and hop forward as if to say, "C'mon! Let's get this show on the road!" It was an amusing welcome back.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Riley, and Rey were all very happy to come out for a pack walk again after our break. Riley's greeting was at least as lively as Ruffers' was this morning. Rey's expression of excitement was mostly restrained to a steady wiggle, and a shiver of anticipation when I asked her to sit before heading to the packmobile with me. Zoey was more excited to see Rey than she had been to see me, and offered her a lot of kisses. Once out on the Bear Creek Path, everyone was just as interested in sniffing around as their counterparts had been, this morning. Rey and Riley were very enthusiastic to get moving at the beginning of the walk, and settled into a steadier pace by about halfway through. The dreary, rainy day brightened up a bit by the end of our walk, which made for a very nice finish to the first day back with the pack.

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