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Tuesday Pack Activities

Variety Pack

Avo, Rey, and Zoey were all very happy to see each other this afternoon. With the sun shining and yesterday's rain dried up, the dogs were not as interested in sniffing around as yesterday's packs were. Of course, they still got a nose-full here and there. Shortly after we started the return leg of our walk at the Bear Creek Path, Avo dropped down into the grass and eyed her packmates mischievously. Rey took the bait and pounced. Zoey, who often sits out while her packmates get wound up, was feeling more lively today and joined in with Rey to jump around Avo, while Avo dodged and flailed about. After a minute of that, everyone settled back down, and the rest of our walk was pretty calm aside from Avo's words of disapproval for a few skateboarders who passed by.

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