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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita and Ruffers headed back to CU South today. The trails were busier than this past, rainy Monday, but they weren't crowded. Mamacita set an especially leisurely pace today. Her stomach was bothering her, and she nibbled some grass until she eventually turned it back up. I thought she might perk up after getting that out of her system, but she kept heading back over to the grass beside the trail so she could wiggle around in it. Ruffers also wanted to make lots of stops as well, but she just sniffed around. She often wanted to sniff in different directions than where Mamacita wanted to wiggle, so each waited for the other to do their thing.

Variety Pack

Poppy was very excited to see Rey and Zoey in the packmobile this afternoon, and they returned the sentiment. On the walk, we encountered one old dog who was taking his time, much like Mamacita had this morning. Poppy and Rey both stared intently from beside the path as he inched his way by, stopping to sniff every couple steps. It was definitely a test of their self-control, and both of them managed to keep it together. Zoey was far less concerned about him, and spent the time facing the other way, while Poppy and Rey were wrought with inner turmoil over their desire to break formation and run up to the old guy.