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Thursday Pack Activities

Variety Pack

Storm clouds loomed as the pack headed out on the Bear Creek Path this afternoon, with a light drizzle falling on us. Lightning started moving in as the rain fell harder, so we took shelter in an underpass at Broadway. Riley, Zoey, and Avo all waited patiently with me as I squatted down with them for several minutes while the rain and lightning swelled. A trickle of water started to creep down the gutter at the side of the underpass. Avo hopped to her feet and stared with curiosity as the water neared and then flowed past us. Riley poked at my face with her nose every time I glanced at her. Zoey stood next to me, waiting patiently for the walking to resume. Once the storm passed, we continued on our way. The dogs were all interested to watch the water pouring out of drainage pipes and rushing down Bear Creek. Avo and Zoey pulled toward it in manner that made me think they were planning to jump in, so we kept a safe distance.

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