Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers was eager to follow some scents at CU South this morning. I humored her to an extent, but reigned her in when she seemed like her nose was drawing her toward some far off ditch or another in a hurry. We hung out in the shade and I wrestled around with her and gave her some belly rubs while she groaned and pawed at me.

Variety Pack

Mamacita joined the afternoon pack today, since she is starting to slow down a bit in her older age and the morning hikes seem they might be a bit too long for her, now. Poppy mostly just knows Mamacita from the packmobile, and she was especially happy to have another friend join for the walk. When Mamacita went for her usual wiggles in the grass, Rey and Poppy each hopped around her, playfully. Zoey was a bit tamer. She just stood by and gave Rey kisses whenever Rey came over to check on her.