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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Ruffers didn't make it as far up the mountain as the packs have the past couple days. They instead moseyed along and spent a lot of time sniffing around and even backtracking to various spots after we passed them. Like Griff yesterday, Ruffers took a pass on water from the CamelBak at first, but later drank thirstily.

Variety Pack

Poppy, Rey, and Zoey got in a good soak at Boulder Creek during our walk this afternoon. The cloud cover kept it feeling cooler than the past couple days, but they were all still very happy to hop in the Creek and wade about. The family of geese at the Kids' Fishing Pond were crossing the sidewalk just as we approached today. Rey watched them with intense focus as we waited from several yards away. At one point during our return leg, we came by dog after dog who were heading the other way along the Boulder Creek Path. Among them were a Golden Retriever and a Malamute who were a bit excitable. Poppy and Rey responded to the energy with jumps and barks, but were better mannered with the other, more mellow dogs who went by.

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