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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack meandered through the brush a lot as we made our way along the Baseline Trail this morning. At one point, Racer headed into the shade of a large bush and hung out there while Sputnik and Griff investigated the area. Panting wasn't as heavy today, given the cooler weather, but everyone still took some water when we reached the vantage point on the Amphitheater Trail.

Variety Pack

Mamacita and Avo both enjoyed wiggling in the grass a lot during our walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Avo wanted to turn the wiggling into a play session, but Mamacita didn't take the bait. Avo still tried by jumping in front of Mamacita before flopping onto her side, but Mamacita just reoriented herself. Mamacita did offer one play-bow at one point, but had no follow-up. Sputnik just hung out by my side while the girls did their thing.

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