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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Roger Roger were very happy to reach the spot along the Gregory Canyon Trail where it crosses a stream. We hung out in a shady spot along the shallow water for several minutes, to cool off before heading back. As soon as we started back down, I noticed a big snake crossing the trail, a few meters ahead of us. It's interesting how the dogs rarely seem to take notice of snakes, whereas they are often more attuned to other wildlife than I am. Sputnik and Roger Roger didn't seem to have a clue as to why we stood waiting in the middle of the trail for another minute before continuing the return leg of our hike.

Variety Pack

Poppy, Sputnik, and Zoey all eagerly hopped into Boulder Creek during our walk this afternoon. Sputnik immediately waded out as far as the leash would allow, and kept trying to pull me in with him. Poppy splashed all around. Zoey picked a wet branch out of the water and chewed on it a bit. Ruffers decided to keep dry, and stood by my side on the bank until her packmates were done having their fun and were ready to move on.