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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The restrictions on commercial dog walking permits have eased a bit, so Griff was able to enjoy some off-leash time at Gregory Canyon today! He was very happy to run down side paths along the way, but stayed close by and came back promptly whenever I called him over to let other hikers pass by, so he stayed off leash for most of the hike. Racer and Sputnik stayed on their leashes with me. Griff made friends with an Australian Cattle Dog when we stopped at the stream, up Gregory Canyon. Racer and Sputnik stayed calm as they got their paws wet in the stream.

Variety Pack

Avo, Rey, and Sputnik were all very eager to hop into Boulder Creek during our walk this afternoon. After wading around for a minute, Sputnik and Rey came back to dry land with me. Avo stayed in the Creek, with her jaw hung open, repeatedly dipping her head down to catch the flowing water. After watching Avo for a minute, Rey rejoined her in the water. We encountered several dogs along the Boulder Creek Path, and the pack all stayed pretty calm and attentive, with the help of some bits of beef jerky.

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