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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan was back with the pack today, after a hiatus to recover from an injury that had been bothering him. He was quick to take up his spot in the driver's seat as soon as he hopped into the packmobile this morning, and repeated this every time I got out of the car to pick up or drop off another dog. Our hike started slowly, as Dylan stopped a few times and would only continue if we headed straight for the nearest shade. Ruffers seemed to be on the same page as Dylan regarding hanging out in the cool shade. Sputnik was more aimless in his wandering from the path, as he just seemed to head to wherever there was a good spot to leave a scent mark. Once we were a little way up the trail and I let Dylan and Ruffers off leash, we were able to move along at a more steady pace, with Dylan and Ruffers moving from the shade of one tree to the next.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Rey, and Poppy were all very excited to get into Boulder Creek this afternoon. Zoey seemed especially interested in the tubers going down the creek. If she wasn't on leash, I half suspect she would have swum right up and tried to climb into a stranger's tube. Rey and Poppy were having one of their more excitable days, when it came to passing by other dogs on the path. They each woofed at a dog at different points during the walk, and tried to pull toward most of the dogs we saw.

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