Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

A grasshopper decided to hitch a ride on Ruffers' back for a short while along the Baseline Trail this morning. None of the pack took notice of our little buddy. We headed up Gregory Canyon, which was less traveled today than it had been last week. Riley and Sputnik were cool and collected when we encountered other dogs on the trail; Ruffers was in a friendly mood, and stalled to sniff a friendly hello with one dog.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Poppy, and Rey walked around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. It was warm and sunny, but pretty comfortably so. Zoey initiated a few sniff breaks along the way, usually when she wanted to pee on something. Poppy and Rey were happy to check out the same areas. Poppy was especially thorough in following up on the spots of interest that Zoey had found. We passed by a couple barking dogs in a yard beside the trail at one point. Rey's first reaction was to leap toward them with a growl. Once I drew her back and had her sit, she managed to keep control of herself about as well as Zoey and Poppy. They both were curious about all the commotion the other dogs were making, but kept with me and pretty well on pace as we passed.