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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

A bit of cloud cover rolled over just as we set out on the Baseline Trail this morning, so the dogs weren't panting too hard at the beginning of the hike. Just as the clouds started to pass, we reached the Gregory Canyon Trail Head, where there is ample shading from the trees. We headed up the Crown Rock Trail from there, with few encounters with other hikers. Griff refused water from the CamelBak the whole time, but Racer and Sputnik drank during a couple pit stops. The clouds rolled back in with a cool breeze just as we reach the Meadow Trail back to the Chautauqua Trail Head.

Variety Pack

Mamacita and Avo each flopped down in the grass at different points during our walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. However, when a garbage truck rolled by down Broadway, they were pretty well in sync in voicing their distaste for the lumbering hulk of machinery. Riley was unconcerned with the truck, and also did not partake in wiggling around in the grass. But she was happy to sniff around in it whenever we pulled over to the side of the path for a minute.

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