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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We saw a lot of other dogs on the trails today. Sputnik, Dylan, and Roger Roger all did a very good job of coming off to the side of the trail with me to let them pass. They all stayed calm as the other dogs went by, with their attention on me. Dylan and Roger Roger wandered down the ravine and into the creek at a few points along the way. We headed up the Gregory Canyon Trail instead of Crown Rock, so the pack had to scramble up some boulders and rock faces along the way, but everyone managed the obstacles without trouble.

Variety Pack

Storm clouds hovered overhead as we set out for our pack walk this afternoon. Upon assessing the spread, it seemed like South Boulder was our best shot to dodge the storm, so we headed to the Bear Creek Path. Poppy, Ruffers, and Mamacita were all eager to get going. I was surprised when nobody stopped to pee on a particular corner of grass by the sidewalk, where it has become something of a pack ritual for everyone to relieve themselves at the outset of our Bear Creek walks. Mamacita kept up well and didn't stop to roll around in the grass. Poppy and Ruffers also kept pace at a light trot. When the distant thunder started to grow closer, we turned and headed back toward the refuge of the packmobile. It started sprinkling on us as we neared Martin Park - where we paused for a quick photo - and the sprinkled turned to a downpour as we crossed the parking lot.

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