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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Riley and Sputnik greeted each other with a lot of kisses this morning. Ruffers got a few kisses from her packmates when we picked her up, as well; but they didn't go on and on like between Sputnik and Riley. Despite the heat, the cloud cover kept us relatively comfortable during our hike. Still, we spent a little while hanging out at the shaded stream that crosses the Gregory Canyon Trail. Shortly after starting our way back down, Ruffers sniffed hello with a passing dog, while Sputnik and Riley minded their manners nicely.

Variety Pack

We had a new member join the pack today: Lou! Lou is a very sweet female Pit Bull who was very excited to meet her new packmates. Rey was extremely deferential to Lou. She crouched and showed her belly to let Lou sniff her. Poppy was more in Lou's face, and the two of them made some playful moves with each other before the walk. We walked around Wonderland Lake this afternoon, and everyone did a good job of walking together. Poppy and Rey got a bit excited at the sight of a couple bunnies who ran off through a park. Lou didn't seem to take notice. Rey kept staring over her shoulder at the shrubs under which the bunnies disappeared, but neither she nor Poppy tried to run after them.

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