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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We made a quick stop at Boulder Creek when we first set out from Eben G. Fine Park this morning. Sputnik and Dylan were quick to get in and wade around in the shoulder-height (for dogs) water. Ruffers and Griff opted to stay on the creek bank while their packmates got in a good soak. Everyone had another chance to cool off after we got partway up the mountain. Dylan and Ruffers were off leash, so they were the first to hop in. Griff and Sputnik eagerly followed. While we were hanging out at the ditch, a large log came floating down with the current. Ruffers and Griff stared warily at it, then both started to woof as it slowly drifted nearer and nearer. Picking up on the cue of his packmates, Dylan started to woof as well, but in no particular direction and at no particular thing - he just knew something was suspicious. I tried to point out the log to him, but he was too preoccupied with being on guard to let me distract him. Griff stopped woofing once the log passed by and it started drifting away from us rather than towards us. Ruffers kept woofing until it was out of sight, with Dylan occasionally offering his own punctuation. Sputnik stood by my side the whole time, calmly observing the whole floating-log saga play out.

Variety Pack

Poppy, Rey, Zoey, and Griff enjoyed a nice walk around Wonderland Lake. There were very few trail-goers out around the pond this afternoon. With few distractions, the pack mostly just walked along at a leisurely pace, with everyone staying in nice formation. We made a few stops for the pack to sniff around in the grass - sometimes by Zoey's and/or Rey's insistence. Poppy wiggled around on her back in the grass. Griff seemed slightly irked - but didn't react too much - when Poppy kicked him in the face with one of her flailing legs, while he lay in the shade nearby.