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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan had no patience for me and his packmates when he knew a stream was waiting for him on the trail up ahead. Roger Roger politely hung back with us even though he was also off leash. Once we caught up to Dylan, everybody enjoyed joining him in the water. A similar pattern played out a couple more times, whenever the trail brought us across the Silver Lake Ditch; however, Roger Roger did not wait for the rest of us, those times. The pack enjoyed a nice vista and some spots of shade as we weaved our way all through the Red Rocks Trails.

Variety Pack

Ruffers and Lou hit it off today and seemed like they wanted to break out into play several times this afternoon, during our walk at Wonderland Lake. Poppy was very interested in Kona. Kona was a bit jumpy and reactive to her playful advances, and Poppy didn't seem to get it, so I had to remind Poppy several times to be gentle and give space. After we were walking for a while, Kona got more comfortable, and she and Poppy walked alongside each other for the latter half of our outing. Zoey happily trotted along among her packmates today, just enjoying the afternoon.

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