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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Kona, Griff, Sputnik, and Riley all headed to the Red Rocks Trails at Settler's Park this morning. Riley rode in the passenger seat so she and Kona would have the hike before being in the back of the car together, since they can both be a bit testy when greeting new dogs. They sniffed politely over the back of the passenger seat, and gradually got acquainted through short sniffs here and there during the pack hike, and they were fine in the back together afterward. Sputnik, Griff, and Riley all hopped into the streams we passed, every time we passed them. Kona hung back, unsure about getting into the water like her packmates.

Variety Pack

Lou and Rey were particularly pumped to come out with the pack today. Zoey and Poppy were also excited, but Lou and Rey could hardly contain themselves. On the walk itself, we made frequent stops in the shade of trees along the Bear Creek Path. Poppy took only one opportunity to roll around in the grass. Her packmates were too hot to try to turn the event into a play session, and instead just drank some water from the CamelBak while Poppy did her thing. Poppy wouldn't drink any water so I squirted some of the ice-water under her front legs and her belly to try to help her cool down a bit.