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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

After Griff and Sputnik had finished splashing through the creek we crossed on our way up the mountain, Racer continued to wade around for a couple minutes, chomping at the water. Sputnik enjoyed spending a lot of the hike off leash again. Griff was more interested in playing chase than Dylan had been yesterday, so he and Sputnik had some fun racing up and down the trail together.

Variety Pack

Avo and Mamacita were on the same page when it came to lounging in the shade today. It was pretty hot, so I indulged them for a little while; but eventually I prodded them into getting up and resuming our walk. Griff and Riley were not feeling so lazy. They were happy to keep going as long as the other pair let us - though they sometimes veered off to sniff around in the grass beside the path.

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