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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan, Roger Roger, Poppy, and Sputnik had just finished enjoying wading around in a stream along the Red Rocks Trails when Dylan noticed a hiker coming up a side trail with a sunshade umbrella. This unnerved him enough to start woofing. Not to be caught lying down on the job, Roger Roger ran over beside Dylan and started to bark as well, but he turned and came as soon as I called him back. Unfortunately, Dylan did not heed my calls, and instead started moving toward the lady with the umbrella, continuing to bark. Sputnik and Poppy had no desire to bark, but they desperately wanted to go up and make friends with the woman when I started walking them that way to get Dylan; however, accompanied by Dylan's barking, them pulling at their leashes probably seemed more like an aggressive approach than a friendly one, to the woman on the other end. She was a bit intimidated by Dylan's barking, but thankfully, she was relatively calm as I gathered up Dylan while keeping Sputnik and Poppy restrained. After that display, Dylan lost off-leash privileges for the remainder of the hike. I will need to do a bit more work on his recall while he's out with the pack, so that kind of thing doesn't become a habit. Otherwise, it was a nice hike.

Variety Pack

Poppy, Lou, Zoey, and Griff enjoyed short stretches of walking in the hot sun, broken up by breaks under the shade of trees along the Bear Creek Path, this afternoon. Griff, Lou, and Poppy lay down in the grass several times along the way. Zoey preferred to sit. Everyone took some water from the CamelBak, though Poppy only took a little before pulling away, when I tucked the spout under her lip for direct application.

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