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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Riley, Poppy, and Sputnik all hopped into Boulder Creek with zeal, at the beginning of our walk this morning. They took another dip down by Central Park in front of the library later on. Sputnik wanted to make frequent stops to leave scent marks today. Poppy was often quick to rush over and sniff at whatever spot Sputnik sniffed out for marking. Riley then followed up and left her own mark a lot of the time. Aside from Sputnik's frequent sudden stops, it was a pretty smooth walk along the Boulder Creek Path - the whole pack kept place nicely at my sides as we made our way.

Variety Pack

Lou, Poppy, and Rey's shade breaks got longer and longer each time we stopped during our walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Lou and Rey were pretty eager to take water. Poppy took some as long as I cradled her head, tucked the spout under her lip, and only gave her a little at a time. For our first few stops, Poppy stood and waited while Rey and Lou lay in the grass. Once the breaks started getting longer, Poppy started taking the opportunities to roll around in the grass.

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