Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer wanted to dive off the side of the bridge as we crossed over the stream on our way up the Red Rocks Trails. Griff had run ahead and was already wading through it. Sputnik was more patient, and walked at my side until we crossed the bridge and made our way down to the bank. They had all already taken a dip in Boulder Creek at the outset of our hike. The cooler weather made for pleasant hiking today.

Variety Pack

Mamacita, Rey, Avo, and Poppy enjoyed a relatively cool afternoon walk around Wonderland Lake. Storm clouds passed just to the south of us, with occasional rolls of thunder. Overhead, the cloud were more broken up, and mixed with grey and white. We had three of our most dedicated grass-wigglers in the pack today, but only Mamacita went for it - Avo and Poppy remained upright for the entire outing. Avo and Rey both leapt over Mamacita while she was getting her wiggle on. In addition to wiggling in the grass, Mamacita put her nose to work, perhaps trying to find the best places to flop down. Poppy was always quick to hop over and get a whiff whenever Mamacita slowed down at a point of interest.