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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan stayed on leash until we passed the spot where he barked at that woman last week, to avoid a repeat. After that, he and Sputnik enjoyed roaming the mountainside together, while Poppy trekked along with me. At one point along the ridge that overlooks the city, just below the red rock formation, everyone gathered together in a huddle when I squatted down to dog level, taking in the scenery and offering pets to the pack. It was a very nice hike.

Variety Pack

Rey was still in the habit of stopping in place when we passed under the shade of trees, even though it wasn't quite so hot or sunny today. She, Poppy, and Zoey had enjoyed a play-wrestling session at the house, before we set out for our walk around Wonderland Lake. The walk itself was pretty calm and uneventful. We didn't even see any of the rabbits that have been all over the area lately.

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