Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Everyone hopped into Boulder Creek a couple times along the walk today. It had warmed up quickly after a couple days' relief from the heat. Racer was always last to leave the water, happy to chomp away at amorphous targets for as long as she was allowed. Griff and Poppy were satisfied with quick dips in and out. Sputnik waded about for a bit with no particular intention.

Variety Pack

Overcast skies and a light breeze helped to attenuate the heat of the afternoon sun as the pack trekked around Wonderland Lake. Today it was Avo who was the only one to roll in the grass. Mamacita lay in the shade with her once, near the end of our walk, but did not roll onto her back for any wiggles. Even with the cloud cover, we took our time under the shade of trees, to stay as cool as possible. Riley, Mamacita, and Poppy all seemed content with my pacing. Avo had other ideas, and probably would have spent the whole time lounging and rolling around in a shaded patch of grass if she could have. The sight of a rabbit caused Avo and Poppy both to perk up at one point, but they did not have the energy to make any attempt to pursue. I don't think Riley or Mamacita noticed the rabbit - or, if they did, they wrote it off as not-worth-the-energy even quicker than their packmates.