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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan lay down several times in the first stream we crossed on our way up the mountain at Settlers Park, determined to get as thoroughly soaked as possible. Poppy kept splashing around and chomping at the water in much the same way as Racer likes to do. Roger Roger waded around, and Sputnik took a quick dip then hung out on the bank and sniffed at a big bush. Thankfully, Dylan and Roger Roger found nothing to bark about on the trails today. We took a shorter route up the mountain due to some construction on the trail, and then spent the latter half of our outing along the cooler, shadier Boulder Creek Path.

Variety Pack

Poppy and Zoey had a good time walking around Wonderland Lake and sniffing their way through the grass at Wonderland Lake Park. Zoey was on a mission, and led us all around with her nose to the ground. Poppy did some sniffing, too, but did not share the purpose of her packmate.