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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik got some one-on-one attention for today's outing. I took the opportunity to focus on his manners regarding passing dogs. We walked along the Boulder Creek Path, where there were plenty of dogs to provide some good practice. Utilizing some beef jerky bits, I had Sputnik keep his attention on me as the dogs went by - some at a fairly close distance. Sputnik did exceptionally well, even when one black dog who looked like a German Shepherd was staring at him intently. In addition to the training exercises sprinkled throughout our walk, Sputnik also enjoyed a dip in the creek.

Variety Pack

Rey, Poppy, and Zoey were all very happy to see each other in the packmobile. They played together at the house briefly, before we headed down to South Boulder to walk the Bear Creek Path. It was a quiet afternoon, and another hot one. Poppy even drank from the CamelBak without requiring any coaxing from me today. Everyone had just received a bit of beef jerky. Rey was getting a drink first, to wash it down, when Poppy started licking at the air next to her. I carefully offered her a trickle, and she lapped it right up. Zoey took her turn next. I immediately offered another round, and Rey and Zoey took seconds. I guess the one drink was enough for Poppy, because she wasn't interested when I offered everyone another drink later on.

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