Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Riley headed to the Boulder Creek Path today. For the beginning of our walk, Riley followed at Sputnik's side, a step behind him. Sputnik stopped to sniff a lot of spots along the way, and Riley was quick to follow up and check out Sputnik's finds for herself. When we stopped at the Creek for the dogs to take a dip, a little girl in the water noticed the bandana around Riley's neck and commented, "Haha! Your dog has a face mask!" The times they are a-changin'.

Variety Pack

Rey and Poppy couldn't contain their excitement about seeing each other, and wrestled around in the back of the packmobile as we headed to the Bear Creek Path for the afternoon. Zoey was far more subdued today. She wasn't that keen on walking, when we first set out, and kept trying to get us to just hang out in the grassy fields beside the path. Rey didn't complain, especially if there was some shade. Poppy took the opportunities to roll around in the grass until I could convince Zoey to get a move on.