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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Dylan roamed the Red Rocks Trails off leash today. The boys stuck close by throughout the hike. They both went back on leash as we approached the blind corner where Dylan had his recent confrontation with the umbrella-wielding woman. No umbrellas today, but there was a group of several hikers who were hanging out at the bridge there - a little Dachshund among them. We passed by with nods, waves, and pleasantries as Sputnik and Dylan kept on track and headed up the switchback without incident. When we returned to the packmobile and loaded in, Dylan took his habit of claiming the driver's seat a step further. This time, he lay down on the floor of the driver's seat. I'm not sure exactly what his intention was, but I wonder whether it has anything to do with the fact that our newest pack member, Lou, spent part of our drive in the passenger's seat last Friday - a station that Dylan often petitions for. Perhaps the shift in balance prompted Dylan to try different tack in his attempts to always ride up front with me, as I had let him do a more often when he himself was brand new to the pack.

Variety Pack

Poppy, Rey, and Zoey were all in playful moods today. Rey and Poppy started play-wrestling in the packmobile as soon as Rey hopped in. Zoey joined the fun when we made a brief stop at the house. Once we were out on the walk, Zoey composed herself. Rey and Poppy did, too - mostly. Near the end of the walk, Poppy flopped down to roll and wiggle in the grass, and Rey took the opportunity to pounce. The two of them hopped and dodged around for a couple minutes, and then we wrapped up our walk.

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