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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Nala, Sputnik, Griff, and Racer hiked the Red Rocks Trails this morning. Sputnik stayed dry at the beginning of the hike, while Nala, Griff, and Racer all hopped into the ditch stream. Nala was less exuberant about the water today than she was yesterday, but still enjoyed wading around in it with her packmates. Racer was eager to be on the move throughout our hike, while Nala wanted to pause and wonder at every passing hiker. Sputnik and Griffkept on pace with me. On our way down the mountain, Sputnik joined the rest of the pack for a dip.

Variety Pack

Rey, Mamacita, and Gidget walked the Bear Creek Path this afternoon, with a long break in a shaded, grassy field along the way. Mamacita rolled and wiggled in the grass for a while, and Gidget jumped around and on top of her. This got Rey feeling playful, and she started play-bowing and hopping around her packmates, which drew Gidget's attention away from Mamacita. After all this, it took some effort to get the girls back on the move. But, with some coaxing, we resumed our walk, and the rest of our outing was calm and pleasant.

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