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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan had another barking incident on the Red Rocks Trails this morning, this time at a man wearing a large, full-brim hat not entirely unlike my own. It looks like I'm going to have to start keeping an eye out and rounding Dylan up before we approach anyone who looks at all out of the ordinary. At least Roger Roger didn't join in this time, and I was able to intercept Dylan a lot quicker than when he barked at the woman with the umbrella a couple weeks ago. The rest of the hike afterwards was nice. After a little while on the leash, Dylan got to wander around with Roger Roger again. Everybody got in the streams along the way, and they all did so in a very reserved manner - just wading or lying in the water, without any splashing around.

Variety Pack

Lou, Zoey, Riley, and Gidget headed to the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon, so they could keep cool in the shade and take dips in the Creek along the way. Gidget only got her paws wet. The rest of the pack got into the water, but it is running a bit low now, and wasn't quite deep enough to reach their bellies while they stayed within leash length from the bank.

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