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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Griff explored the trails off leash together this morning, while Racer stuck by my side. Sputnik greeted a little boy along the way and sniffed in his fishing net. Griff wandered off again when we reach the crest of Red Rocks Trails, where it overlooks the town. I could tell by the jangling of his tags that he wasn't too far, but he took his time making his way back to the trail.

Variety Pack

Avo was back with the pack today after a short hiatus. She is recovering from a case of swimmer's tail, from all the fun she had in her grandparents' swimming pool. Though her tail was still a little droopy, she seemed to be in good spirits today; however, when the Bear Creek Path brought us right alongside the stream, she looked right at the running water and barked at it. I wonder whether she was expressing her enthusiasm for the water, or her wariness about its adverse effect on her tail. The rest of the pack was in good spirits and walked together quite nicely today. Mamacita wanted to stop a few times along the way. After letting her take a moment, she didn't resist whenever I told her it was time to start walking again. Avo, Rey, Griff, and Gidget all kept up with the changes. Rey and Avo especially were happy to sniff around whenever Mamacita called for a break. Griff and Gidget generally just waited on the path until we got back on the move.

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