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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers, Griff, and Dylan all got barking at a noisy construction truck that was down at the Sanitas Trail Head, as we rounded the switchback by the same bridge where Dylan barked at that woman with a parasol a few weeks ago. Thankfully, the truck was far enough off in the distance that there wasn't any danger of the dogs getting into an actual altercation with it or its operator; however, it did take a fair bit of convincing to get them to leave it be and follow me up the trail. Sputnik was the only pack member who was not put on alert, despite the alarm his packmates were raising.

Variety Pack

Rey, Zoey, and Griff got to spend most of the walk off leash at CU South this afternoon. The parking area and trails there were pretty empty today. Rey and Zoey tromped through the muck at the bottom of the ditch as we crossed over it, and Griff followed behind them. Poppy and Gidget were on leash with me, and so were the only ones with clean paws. When we reached the pond near the end of the loop, everyone but Gidget hopped into the water, which helped to rinse the muck off of Rey, Zoey, and Griff's paws.

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