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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan made the most of the first stream we crossed, by lying down to get his belly wet. Roger Roger was more interested in sniffing around in the brush at the water's edge. Riley and Sputnik waded around by each other, and at one point Riley licked at the air in front of Sputnik. It seemed like the canine version of blowing kisses.

Variety Pack

Lou was over the moon about coming out with the pack today, as she has been at the start of each outing since she joined a couple months ago. Gidget was excited to go up and greet Ruffers, as they had yet to go out together before today. Ruffers thoroughly sniffed Gidget, while Gidget sat in front of her with one paw up, licking the air - blowing puppy kisses to Ruffers to let her know she wanted to be friends. Lou and Gidget greeted each other in a much tamer manner than they had been doing, as Lou did not hop around Gidget and Gidget did not jump on top of Lou's head at all today. Griff was his usual, aloof self when it came to hopping in the packmobile among his packmates. Everybody had a quick dip in Boulder Creek early on during our afternoon walk. The walk itself was pretty mellow, and everyone behaved themselves nicely throughout.

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