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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Griff were enjoying roaming the mountain trails off-leash together, until Griff ran down the mountainside - ignoring my calls - and then started to eat something beside a tree. Riley and Sputnik followed with me as I ran toward Griff to get his attention and shoo him off whatever he had found, and then Griff spent the remainder of the hike on leash. Ruffers stayed near the trail and didn't eat any who-knows-what, so she got to finish out the hike unrestricted. After making our way back down the mountain, we headed down the Boulder Creek Path for a little way, where it was cooler in the shade by the water.

Variety Pack

Gidget joined the big dogs in Boulder Creek today. The creek is running lower, and there was a large, shallow patch that she found inviting enough to try out. She went in and out to where Zoey and Rey were wading - about chest-deep for her - a couple of times. Lou just got her paws wet as she stayed close by my side. Zoey managed to get pretty wet by dipping her face down into the water. She shook off a few times, causing Rey and me to recoil as streams of water whipped out from the soaked mops known as her ears.

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