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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Gidget joined for the mountain hike this morning, and did a great job keeping up with the big dogs. Racer is recovering from a tail injury, as Avo was last week; but she seemed to be coping with it alright, and she was still very eager to wade around in the elbow-deep water of the ditch streams we passed. Griff and Sputnik were also happy to splash around a bit. Gidget only poked around at the edge of the water, since the bank had a steeper drop-off than the creek shallows we went to yesterday.

Variety Pack

Avo was feeling a bit playful this afternoon, and got Rey to wrestle around with her at a couple points during our walk along the Boulder Creek Path. The pair of them kept their cool as occasional skateboards rolled by, but they both barked back at one dog who made the first "woof!" as we approached along the path. Zoey and Mamacita were both unperturbed, as usual. The two of them initiated most of our stops along the way, as they wanted to sniff around the trunk of a tree here or a patch of grass there.

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