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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Ruffers lagged behind on our way up the mountain, taking their time to sniff around. After we made it to the top of the trail, Dylan led the descent while Ruffers remained in the rear. Griff and Sputnik stayed on leash with me for the duration. We only saw a few other hikers along the way, including one human and canine duo who were a little ahead of us, along the same route, for much of the time.

Variety Pack

Poppy was in a goofy mood today, and rolled around in the grass a few different times along the way. Rey, on the other hand, did not seem to enjoy the hot, humid weather. She did not respond to Poppy's goofy antics, and she kept having us stop during our walk. I thought maybe she needed to relieve herself, but she would just stand in place until I called to her to start walking again. However, she perked up along with Poppy whenever we passed by another dog. Gidget and Zoey were steady walkers.

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