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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Dylan, and Roger Roger all made the most of our stops at the ditches as we hiked the Red Rocks Trails today. Dylan led the way up the mountain most of the time, with Roger Roger following right behind him. However, when we turned to ascend a trail after just coming partway back down the mountain, Dylan hung back. He stood down at the fork, looking up at the rest of us, to indicate that we had apparently forgotten the way back. Roger Roger had torn allegiances; but after a moment of hesitation, he followed me and Sputnik with a few glances back to Dylan. Once Sputnik, Roger Roger, and I were almost halfway up that stretch of trail that returned to the crest of the mountain, Dylan finally gave in and caught up, then resumed his position a little bit ahead of us for the remainder of our time on the mountain.

Variety Pack

We encountered a few unleashed dogs during our walk along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Two of them were called back by their guardians when they started to approach the pack. One came up and mingled amongst the pack, as the guardian was otherwise preoccupied. The pack all sniffed friendly greetings. Although leashes got a little tangled up as the dogs milled around each other, everybody stayed pretty cool. As we were heading back through Central Park, in front of the library, Zoey made it clear that she wanted to go to the creek. She and Poppy did a fair bit of splashing around, while Ruffers, Lou, and Gidget waded in the shallows with a bit more poise.