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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack stuck to a less-strenuous walk along the Boulder Creek Path in today's heat and smokey air. Riley gave Ruffers some kisses on the forehead when Ruffers joined her and Sputnik in the packmobile before our walk. The walk itself was nice. We came by some other dogs here and there. Riley and Sputnik both tensed up a little, a couple times, but didn't have any outbursts at the passing dogs.

Variety Pack

We found a relatively deep patch of water in the creek this afternoon, that was close enough to the bank for the dogs to get in while on leash. Rey and Poppy both enjoyed getting neck-deep in the water that almost-but-not-quite allowed for them to get a doggy paddle going. Zoey made a quick trip out into the deep water and back, and then hung out in the shallows with Lou, who kept looking to me and came over to snuggle when I sat down on a rock.

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