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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Racer likes to dip her entire head underwater when she splashes around in the creek, and it is very amusing to watch. Sputnik and Griff were more reserved in their enjoyment of the water, but they had a good time wading around as well. The cloud cover made for a pretty comfortable walk along the Boulder Creek Path today.

Variety Pack

Rey, Mamacita, Zoey, and Avo pulled over to sniff a lot of tree trunks during our walk, this afternoon. We found another deep spot in the creek. They were just barely able to gain purchase on the creek bed, so they didn't quite swim, but they all had some fun wading with and against the current. Rey, Avo, and Mamacita were all a bit jumpy about some skateboarders and other dogs on the path today. Zoey was her usual, mellow self.