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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan only got his paws wet on our first stop at the creek, while Ruffers and Sputnik got into the belly-deep water. When we made another pit-stop by the creek a little later, Dylan was the first in. We stuck to the Boulder Creek Path again today, since the smoke from the wildfires has made the air quality not great for a more vigorous mountain hike. Hopefully the rain and cooler weather that we are due for will help, both with the fires and with the downwind air quality.

Variety Pack

We started off the walk by taking our time strolling through Eben G. Fine Park, which has been less crowded this week than it had been through most of the summer - presumably since classes are back in session. Zoey led the sniffing at first, but then had less interest after she found the right spots to relieve herself. Rey continued to follow her nose through the grassy field, following some trail that was undetectable to human senses. Rey was pretty excitable when it came to passing by other dogs again today. Poppy definitely took notice of the other dogs as well, though she kept it together even when Rey barked and tried to jump toward them. A couple Huskies, who were both a bit worked up themselves, particularly got a reaction from Rey. Then, near the end of our walk, a little dog we passed got a kind of adorably restrained "woo woo!" out of Poppy.

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