Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Avo joined Griff, Racer, and Sputnik for the Adventure Pack outing today. We took a very measured pace along the Boulder Creek Path, to focus on good on-leash manners. Griff provided a very good example for his packmates as he stayed in position and maintained a calm demeanor throughout. Racer and Sputnik handled themselves pretty well, but needed occasional checks to keep them from pulling ahead or veering off after smells. Avo required a little more attention, particularly when we passed distractions like skateboarders or other dogs, but she kept it together very well as skateboards went by. She barked a couple separate times, at dogs we passed. I immediately had her sit in place and wait until she relaxed, while her packmates patiently waited. A squirrel caught the attentions of both Avo and Racer at one point, and they stared up intently until we passed its tree. When everyone was walking very nicely on the return leg, they all got a bit of beef jerky.

Variety Pack

I brought the pack to CU South because heavy cloud cover looked to be moving in, and I thought the pack could use a change of pace after heading to Boulder Creek in all the heat we've had. Unfortunately, the clouds dissipated as they moved overhead, and didn't end up blocking the heat of the sun at all. As a result, Mamacita, Riley, Zoey, and Avo all did a fair bit of panting, and we spent some time just hanging out in shaded spots along the way. Mamacita made the most of it by rolling around in the grass. Avo joined her in that endeavor during one of our stops, and it took a lot of convincing to eventually get her to stand back up to resume the walk.